"My experience of the Teachers Training Course at Yoga Connection Centurion was one of the most profound Yogic experiences, allowing a beautiful balance between Asana and Spirit.

Taught as a liberating and self exploring journey towards the true Yoga. Ahimsa at its best.

Charene teaches individual expression, allows you space to grow at the speed you need to yet guides you with the wisdom of a true Guru.

I recommend this course with all my heart."


"Doing the teachers’ training with Charene at Yoga Connection Centurion has been a life-changing experience for me. I had been practicing yoga for years on my own, attending formal yoga classes and reading yoga philosophy, but yet I felt that something was missing; I needed to be challenged a little further.  Some of my friends were doing yoga teacher’s training and I wondered if I could do the course as well. I felt hesitant as, already in my fifties, I thought I might be tactfully declined. I enquired about doing the course and was welcomed with open arms.

The course included yoga asana training and yoga philosophy.  I was gently guided through introspective exercises and meditation practices, which took me deeper into an inner journey. I grew both psychologically and spiritually and continue to do so as I apply the techniques and tools I learned on the course.

Initially my intention was simply to do some further yogic studies to challenge myself a little. However, after completing the course I have begun teaching yoga to groups at Yoga Connection, Brooklyn.  Teaching yoga has taken me to a different place of insight, compassion and awareness. I also teach a group of children at a place of safety. This is my way of giving back to society and spreading peace and love in the world, the essence of yoga."


"I really learned a lot in the last months. The most benefit I got on the emotional and spiritual level. I’m happy to get known to Yoga Nidra, it helps me to relax, to get energy, to change habits in my live and that I can obtain what I'm looking for. I love chanting the mantras, the spirit and energy in the group are amazing. I’m looking forward to next year."


"I enrolled for the TTC at the Centurion Yoga Connection in 2005 after having practised yoga for a few years and wanting to further my knowledge and understanding of yoga both physically and spiritually. Due to injuries, I had to stop dancing and when I found yoga it was like my soul could soar again. It felt right for my body. The changes it made in my life were subtle at first and then became more pronounced. I was a young mother with three children, struggling to cope with all the little busy energies around me. I started for the physical benefits, with my upper body and my core strengthening rather quickly I was very pleased. What I did not expect is the mental strength I would build, the awareness of my own behaviour and learning to be myself rather than reacting to everything and everyone around me.   

The course not only gave me the knowledge to teach yoga and teach it well and keep my thirst for knowledge alive, it allowed me to discover myself, starting spiritual growth in me that I realize will not end in this lifetime and will continue to nourish me for the rest of this life. I am very grateful to Charene for sharing her knowledge with us and respecting the knowledge we brought to the group. If we had questions about anything she would research and find out more, beyond our set work books, she always encouraged us to try as many different styles of yoga and come and share with the group. These, in my opinion, are trademarks of a brilliant teacher.

The course at times challenged us, and through growth we overcame these, it introduced new concepts to us, which slowly seeped into our beings and it elaborated on the knowledge we may have arrived with.

One of the most valuable things I learned would have to be yoga nidra, and trust me at first I could really not understand why we had to ‘lie around like that’. But the more we practiced the deeper I sank into meditation, my mind finally quiet, I had the energy and patience to give my family the love and time it deserved. It also gave the universe a chance to answer the many, many questions I sat with. When I realized how I benefitted from it, I just wanted to share. And now it doesn’t matter where I teach or what kind of class I teach when we end the practice with yoga nidra and I see that look on the people’s faces when they come out of it, I know I’ve made a difference in their lives.

Whether one does this course to become a teacher or just to gain more knowledge about yoga I can recommend it with a smile on my face"

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