"Yoga Connection is the one place that I have found near to home that "You can become connected with your body, mind and beautiful people."

Erna du Toit

"When I retired at 65, I joined the beginners classes at Yoga Connection. What a joy! I don’t miss a class if it is at all possible. Not sure if I could even get up off the floor, I was accepted unconditionally and in a non-judgmental way allowed to do as much as I could. Now my body is in a better condition functionally and my spirit enriched in a way that makes it easier to practice my Christianity. I will never be able to do a headstand and will remain in beginners, but I love the challenges that keep popping up"


"You are gentle and accommodating. I leave your classes feeling calm and relaxed"


"Yoga means everything to me. It gives me a good physical workout, but also has benefitted me on an emotional and spiritual level greatly. Charene is a gifted, inspirational and generous teacher. She is a blessing in my life."

About Yoga Centurion

Yoga Centurion was opened in 2001 as part of the Yoga Connection Group.

Our aim at Yoga Connection Centurion is to welcome everyone into our 'yoga family' and give all an opportunity to get away from the stress and strain of daily life.

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