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    I came to yoga from a background in physical education, having specialized in this during teacher training at the Pretoria College of Education. I began my practice of yoga under the guidance of Swami Yogasagar in the Bihar system of Yoga, a comprehensive and holistic system of Yoga based on the teachings of Swami Satyananda of Bihar, India.

    I started teaching yoga during 1999, teaching both at Yoga Connection Brooklyn and Loreto Convent in Pretoria. I opened the Centurion branch of Yoga Connection in 2001 and have been teaching yoga full time since July 2002. In order to further enhance my knowledge and teachings skills, I completed an additional intensive 2 year yoga teacher training course with Durgana Inglethorpe that is fully recognised by the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa and International Yoga Federation. I have attended many workshops and courses among which are the first stage in Shiva Babaji Kriya Yogam with Swami Shankarananda, as well as a six week course in Restorative Yoga and some other healing modalities such as Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki, Animal Communication and Healing and Access Consciousness Bars.

    My teaching philosophy emphasizes gentleness and gradual progress, an awareness of individual differences and the utmost importance of combining asana practice with mental awareness or mindfulness.

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    After doing Yoga for the first time in October 2017, I was hooked. I began with teacher's training 6 months later. Yoga changed my life physically and emotionally. Physically, my body became stronger and chronic pain levels reduced dramatically.  Emotionally I became better equipped to deal with difficult personal issues. Teaching Yoga gives me immense joy as I see the students grow personally and improve constantly.

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    I started my yoga path in 2009, having returned from living in Cambodia for 3 years.  In South-East Asia I found myself immersed in the Eastern philosophy, and it felt very comfortable and natural to me.

    Once back in South Africa, Yoga just seemed like the right thing for me to do.

    I began my teacher training at Yoga Connection Centurion,  in 2015, and qualified in 2017. I have taught corporate clients, private students, and classes at established Yoga studios.  I am a registered teacher with the South African Yoga Teachers’ Fellowship.

    I teach Hatha, and Yin style yoga while I master the more active and physically challenging styles.

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    Yoga found me! I was not consciously looking to take up yoga, when it crossed my path at exactly the right time in my life. Over time it drew me in more and more on all levels – physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Subsequently, I decided to immerse myself more deeply into the practice and decided to undertake the teacher training programme at Yoga Connection Centurion. I had found a new calling in teaching yoga specifically inspired by the way yoga supported me through some trials and tribulations. I had found a wonderful holistic practice in yoga that one can draw on at any time anywhere. I thrive on teaching yoga and helping students to become mindfully aware of their bodies, the gift of breath and relaxation techniques through gentle and advanced beginner’s classes. I plan to further develop my yoga teaching through ongoing courses and am keen to extend my teaching to private/duo students. Yoga is a sustaining way of life for me and can be for anyone at any age, no matter what limitations a student may have.

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    My yoga journey started early in 2017. I fell in love with it during my very first class. Yoga has changed so much in my life. Previously I struggled with terrible back pain and for years searched for something to ease the pain, until I found yoga. After moving over to Yoga Connection Centurion in late 2018 I quickly came to realise that I have such a passion for yoga that I wanted to start my teachers training to enable me to guide other people through this beautiful practice.

    My passion is currently Yin Yoga and I am hoping to build on this for the next few years.

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    I have had back problems for many years and discovered yoga as a therapy which has helped me regain my mobility. It made such a difference in my life that I decided to do the Yoga Teachers Training. I qualified in November 2018. I plan on doing more courses especially restorative yoga which will enable me to share the knowledge with other people who are share my experience of physical limitations.

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    My interest in yoga started as a means of dealing with an increasingly stiff body. Over the years that I attended yoga practice not only did the stiffness subside but I also came to realise that there was a definite body/mind connection which I became eager to pursue. During the 2 years Teacher’s Training Course many opportunities were presented to explore the body/mind connection as well as to learn about the different aspects of yoga – both mental and physical.

    Yoga teaches life lessons that I will continue to explore and for which I will always be grateful.

Substitute Teachers

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    My yoga journey started in 2003 after I had a miscarriage and was not coping with day-to-day life. I had been afternoon class for 3 months when I decided to do the teachers training course. My intention was to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and explore new information that I had never heard of.
    That was the beginning of a journey that would teach me who I am each and every day and also about my body. I have always carried more weight than I should but I learnt that I found something that I could do that was not limited by my body size. Sometimes I'm still amazed at what I can do and learn from each student daily about myself and my place in this world
    I am thankful that I am able to share this journey which each student who attends my class, the other yoga teachers and the lifelong friends I have from walking into a yoga class almost 16 years ago

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    I have been practicing yoga since 2008. Completed my training in 2015. Enjoy practicing and teaching foundation yoga and sequences.


    I discovered yoga at a difficult time of my life. It was something to hold on to. My regular class attendance aroused my curiosity about this ancient, tried and tested practice and this led to my decision to complete the teacher training course at Yoga Connection Centurion.

    Since then, I believe I have discovered my passion and I have never looked back. As my body became more flexible, my mind became more flexible. This resulted in my outlook on life and the world changing. The most important lesson for me was in order to change the world, I first had to change myself….

    Yoga is a lifelong journey of learning and growing and finding one’s place in this ever-changing universe. I certainly have a long way to go….but I know for sure that I am on the right path…. 

    My vision is to help and inspire as many as I can to follow the yogic path in their quest to find peace and happiness…

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    My yoga journey started in 2015. I realised that my marriage was over but I had to cope and stay - my son was writing matric and I could not add extra stress to his life. I googled ways to cope and yoga kept popping up, so I tried it. I was completely overwhelmed at first, I was not used to anything around me being calm and mindful. Fortunately I kept going and then I was shocked at how well it worked for me, I could cope with life! I was so captivated by yoga, I had to do my teachers' training, and I qualified in 2018. I am registered with the South African Yoga Teachers' Fellowship. I teach hatha yoga, always with a twist. I share my journey with students at corporates, private classes, and my very special Saturday class.

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    I started practicing yoga about eight years ago.
    It was a very challenging time in my live and I was fighting to maintain my sanity.
    Although I attended private pilates classes at the time I kept on feeling that I need something more spiritual and I regularly, diligently began attending yoga classes instead.
    Then one day, during a yoga workshop a teacher said “If you want to learn more about something, TEACH…” This got me thinking and I enrolled for a Yoga Teaching course…
    With consistent practice and learning, I got my life back under control - I realised that yoga is not only toning the physical body, but the mind and spirit as well. It is a holistic experience that strengthen all aspects of being human.
    I successfully completed the teaching course in Hatha Yoga at Yoga Connection in 2015 and since then joyfully continued with group, individual and workshop classes where and when possible.
    To me each opportunity to teach yoga presents its own set of opportunities, lessons and joys.
    My classes are comfortable and suitable for all and might offer someone a place to unwind and quiet the mind, and I am also benefiting from the presence and energy of the people who show up, and from the opportunity to teach and continuously grow as a human being.

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