Vanessa Crous

From someone that knew nothing about yoga, apart from a few classes at Virgin active which I attended from time to time in the past,  I can honestly say that this course at YCC @ Charene has changed my life.
My personal opinion is that anyone can do a 3month course and become a yoga instructor,  and most probably be very good at it. But, Charene and the other students at YCC taught me so much more then only the asana / practice side of yoga.

In this short period of 7 months I can feel a huge shift in ‘myself’ which has helped me mostly spiritually, but also mentally, physically and emotionally.
Every Tuesday it is also a nice social outing and I am usually very excited for what I am going to learn that evening, not only from Charene but also from my fellow yogis.
Thank you for the opportunity.

LOVE (also a word you will hear a lot at YCC)


"When we arrive at the decision to instruct yoga we can do any course 24hr, 3 months etc

However yoga is much more then instruction of postures

So the individual needs to ask why do I want to do the yoga course?

Yoga is about understanding the interplay between self and spirit

Hence I strongly feel one needs to do the 2 year course for maximum benefit

I love the way u have structured the course and I have often said even 2 years is too short

The fact that u become a yogi in 2 years is impossible

I feel even if one does do the short course u will feel the need to learn more later hence it just makes sense to do the 2 year course, cause we learn so much and begin to understand so much more. Also the pace allows for us to get used to the different postures and allows the body to adjust

However I feel the biggest adjust is the mind hence the 2 year course should in my view be compulsory. I hope and pray that the 2 year course becomes compulsory and that all short courses are cancelled.


Last year I did a 3 month course because I was asked to take over classes at a studio in Pretoria when the instructor went to India for a month.  Up until then I had only been teaching kids and attending adult classes, also doing my own practice on the side.

I can assure you from experience, that 3 month is not enough!!!!!  I have almost completed my first year with Charene, and have learned and grown so much during this time.

The way Charene's trainings are set out is the best way to get, practice and feel everything that you are learning.  It is a process that takes time.  I myself realized after completing 3 months that I knew not much more than I did before I started.

I can now see and feel the difference in my classes when I am teaching compared to last year and the beginning of this year.  One lady even said to me the other day that there is a real difference in my teaching, and I know because I am different.

There is no rush, everything will fall into place, and when it comes to yoga taking your time will only benefit you and your students.


Before I started the teachers training with you I had been attending yoga classes at least twice a week for the past 3 years.  I have a lower back and hip problem and this made me aware that there were certain asana’s I could not do. So when I decided to do a teachers training course I also did some investigations on what was available and the duration of the courses. I was not happy with the fact that there are courses offered for 3 months, that is why I chose to do my course with you as you offered a 2 year course which made more sense to me.

From what I have learnt, since starting the course in March of this year, makes me even more astounded that anyone who has done a 3 month course is allowed to teach yoga. 

A three month course is not sufficient to gain the knowledge and insight which is required to be a yoga teacher. Does a 3 month course teach you how to go into and out of an asana using the breath and listening to your body – total awareness? What about the preparation for going into an asana,  especially the more difficult ones? Does a 3 month course teach you to practice Ahimsa – no strain? What about counter poses and contra-indications / inverted poses which need to be carefully observed?

I believe in order to be a good yoga teacher you need to teach from your own experience.

One of yoga’s most important achievements is the physical and mental cleansing & strengthening. Yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. Balance is created in the nervous and endocrine systems which directly influences all the other systems and organs of the body.

This is a journey not a few steps.

Yoga is far from simply being physical exercise.

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