Yoga Centurion - August 2020 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends




  1. The short Nutrition Talk with Guy will take place at Yoga Connection Centurion on Saturday 15 August at 10h30. Please let me know if you would like to attend.
  2. If you would be interested in an "Introduction to the Chakras" workshop, please contact Charene 

Our message this month was written by Richard D. Blackstone

If you truly want to change yourself then first of all change your awareness of yourself. Start building a habit of acute awareness of what is happening in your life. This will require you to STOP & PAY ATTENTION to your life. Set an intention to be more aware of how you automatically react to different things in your life. Become a witness to your own life by observing how you react to the events and circumstances in your life. How do you react to the alarm clock or your morning shower or traffic or your work mates or your love relationships or any other thing in your life? Observe your life and pay attention to how you do things. Your self-awareness pays huge dividends when you begin to see things that you observe no longer serve you. This is such a blessing and with that blessing comes more awareness so that you can continue the process in greater clarity. Awareness is one of the most powerful tools in your possession because you can only be ‘aware’ by ‘consciously being aware.’ Conscious awareness begets conscious intentions for change and that begets conscious creation of your life.

Have a very blessed, safe and healthy August



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Yoga Centurion was opened in 2001 as part of the Yoga Connection Group.

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