Yoga Centurion - May 2020 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends

How are you all doing in these unusual times?

Thank you to those keeping in touch and supporting us through this.


  1. If you are not on our lock down list yet and would like to receive Ian's recorded classes and other meditations and relaxations, please let me know.
  2. If you would be interested in joining Skype classes with Yoga Connection teachers, please contact me so I can send you the details.
  3. Our planned workshops will be postponed until we are able to get together again. We'll keep you posted.

I came across the following little poem which I thought would be a good message for this month.

I'm giving up

I'm done

I can't do this anymore
I'm putting down this weight that keeps
me rooted to the floor
I'm letting go of anger for a past
that's done and gone
I'm giving up the pain that holds me
back from moving on

I'm done with overthinking, of always
trying to do it "right"
So scared to see mistakes I've made,
each held up to the light
I'm so tired of all the searching, every
answer just a tool
A shield in hand, to avoid the risk of
looking like the fool

Control has never served me, never
soothed my worried mind
It was only an illusion, an ugly lie that
kept me blind
I couldn't see its walls around me, brick
by brick it sealed me in,
I didn't know I'd traded freedom for the
cell I hid within

I'm releasing all the grudges that I've
held for far too long
I no longer want this tally of everyone
that's done me "wrong"
It has only ever hurt me and kept my
heart locked in the dark
And what good's a heart that craves the
light if I bury every spark?

Oh when did my humanity become a cloak
that I called "shame?"
Since when did cold perfection
become the object of life's game?


I cannot bear this burden of self judgment anymore
Or think my worth, if measured right, is
some ticket through a door

I want this war no longer, I'm finally laying down my sword,
For this battle waged within me takes
a toll I can't afford


I turn to look inside me, to find the child
I used to be,
And hear her laughter in the distance
brightly calling out to me

How I've longed for sweet surrender,
back into her little arms
To be healed by all the magic held within
her childhood charms

And so I'm giving up

for her...
I'm finally letting go
And as I throw my arms wide open,

I free fall into flow

Kyla Phillips 2020

Take care and have a safe and healthy May



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