Yoga Centurion - April 2020 Newsletter

Hope you are all doing well during our lock down. A huge thank you to those who are continuing to support us at this time. It is so much appreciated.

We would love to keep in touch with you, so please let us know how you are doing and if you would like to receive some recorded classes (with Ian) and meditations over the next few weeks then please send me a mail with 'add to Lock down list'.

I have been following some great people who have helped me a lot throughout the past years and especially at this time. I may not agree with absolutely everything each one has said, but I have certainly learned a lot from them all. Use your own gift of intuition to guide you - what is right for you in this season.  Hoping you will use this time to open your mind and explore ….and delight in the many mysteries that unfold.

Here are the links for you to use if you wish:

A short Yoga Practice recorded by my niece, Charisse

..and some suggestions from a friend. I enjoy the following people, but have not watched all the links here.


If you are ready to open your mind to new “possibilities” then  Dr Joe Dispenza  is certainly one of the people to follow. His personal healing story is so inspiring! He travels the world waking people up from their limited perceptions and beliefs. There are tons of you tube videos and interview with him. He also sells meditations. His mind blowing book “You Are The Placebo is worth reading.”

Man of science:

Dr Bruce Lipton is a very interesting man  – his book “Biology Of Belief “ was one of the most difficult books for me to read as I don’t have a scienctific brain. But he has lots of you tube videos to watch.  Very inspiring!

Take Care



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