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Yoga Connection Centurion


Yoga Centurion was opened in 2001 as part of the Yoga Connection Group. Our aim at Yoga Connection Centurion is to welcome everyone into our 'yoga family' and give all an opportunity to get away from the stress and strain of daily life. Our yoga style is to encourage slowing down and taking a break from our quick paced lifestyles albeit only for an hour or so. We offer a safe, loving space for all to come and stretch those tired muscles, relax and unwind and at the same time boost one's health and restore the mind.


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At Yoga Centurion our classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate students. Our teachers will guide each person at their own pace and level of ability. We also offer Yoga Teacher Training and yoga related workshops such as relaxation techniques, yoga philosophy, asana (posture) workshops, pranayama (breathing), etc as well as yoga retreats from time to time.


There is a mistaken belief that yoga is a religion. Yoga is not about your beliefs, it is about first hand experience. It is about exploration inwards to the very depths of your own being, a path of self- discovery. As you progress along this path, you can listen to and accept what feels right for you. Realize that certain concepts that seem fitting for you at this time may change as this exploration brings about an expanding awareness and knowledge of the processes of life. It is for you to experience them for yourself in your own disciplines. In other words it is compatible with all belief systems.


Some Known Benefits:

Yoga has its own way of making the body function at its optimum state. The health and fitness benefits of yoga have long been reported by experts and via scientific research.


•    Improves flexibility, muscle tone, and nerve strength
•    weight control
•    balances all systems of the body
•    increases strength
•    improves sports performance
•    higher energy levels, mental / emotional wellbeing
•    experience inner joy
•    greater mental clarity
•    more centred calmness (peace & poise)
•    mindful action instead of choiceless reaction
•    reduces stress and tension
•    stimulates good breathing
•    pain management
•    experience knowledge of the Self


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 The yoga we practice is for EveryBody!!  



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